Noreen Ziegler, DVM, CNC
The Healing Crisis by Bruce Fife, N.D.
(HealthWise Publications 2002)
    "All natural health treatments, whether they involve dietary changes,
    vitamin or herbal supplementation, detoxification therapies, or
    bodywork, focus on removing the disease-causing agents using the
    body's own power of healing.  This process often brings on an
    unpleasant reaction known as the "Healing Crisis."  Unlike a disease
    crisis (illness) the healing crisis is a sign of improving health."

    "In this book you will learn how to distinguish between a healing crisis
    and a disease crisis.  You will learn how healing works, what to do and
    what not to do to facilitate healing, and how to cope with unpleasant
    symptoms until the crisis is over.  If you undergo any type of natural
    healing program, you must be well informed about the symptoms and
    processes of the healing crisis.  This book will guide you through the
    natural healing process."

Essential Oils Desk Reference
Compiled by Essential Science Publishing 2004
    Daily guide book that explains how to utilize essential oils.
    "An extraordinary and long-awaited definitive work on the therapeutic
    value of essential oils.  A book that raises the knowledge and
    understanding of essential oils to an entirely new level."

Essential Oils Pocket Reference
Compiled by Essential Science Publishing 2007

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