My Story - Noreen Ziegler, CNC, DVM

I have so loved my twenty-three year career as a veterinarian.  Such an honor to help pets and horses.


Ten years ago I became a Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC).  A wellness coach, helping people achieve their optimum health.  The past ten years have been very busy!  Two to three days a week in each practice....helping people and pets!


I truly loved both opportunities!


The time has come for a change....a transformation.  My husband Dan and I have sold our home in Indiana and now live in our dream home on a lake in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We are now able to help other people improve their health and if they wish... we help them develop supplemental income.


Some desire to do what we are doing ....  achieve replacement income!  All through quality products and a proven system to follow.   Our health is better now in our mid 50's then when we were in our thirties!  We have found a healthy balanced lifestyle, financial freedom and time freedom through an amazing company...Zija International.


We would love to share more information with you and have the opportunity to answer your questions.


Look your best, feel your best, BE YOUR BEST!!!!



In Peace, Health and Prosperity,

Noreen Ziegler

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