Noreen Ziegler, DVM, CNC
As a Certified Nutritional Counselor for people and as a Holistic Veterinarian
for animals, I try to facilitate the natural healing abilities of the body.  One of
the first areas to address is usually the removal of toxins from the body.  We
should, of course, make every attempt to lessen the input and absorption of
new toxins to the body.

Most household cleaning products, personal cleaning products and pet
cleaning products contain harmful toxic chemicals.  Long-term exposure to
these products creates a health concern for you, your family and your pets.

We, at Essential Process, Inc., would like to introduce you to Essential Gold.

Essential Gold is a safe and effective multi-use natural soap.  It is an all-
purpose, biodegradable, “green” cleaner/degreaser.  Essential Gold utilizes
the scientific breakthrough known as colloidal micelle technology (CMT).  The
molecules are very, very small and each particle is electro magnetically
d.  CMT allows Essential Gold to effectively break down oils, grease,
grime and dirt as well or better than any other cleaner currently on the
market…AND it does all of this naturally without ANY toxic synthetic
ingredients.  It is so safe that even people with multiple chemical sensitivities
can use it with complete confidence.

Essential Gold Multi-Use Natural Soap cleans anything and everything that is
washable.  Even though Essential Gold is strong enough to dissolve hard
engine grease, it is still safe enough to wash a baby.  It can be used in
virtually every cleaning situation imaginable.  From household use (general
cleaning, laundry, dish washing, etc.) to personal hygiene to commercial and
industrial applications, toxin-free Essential Gold does it all, and it does it best.  
It is the clear choice for people who have understood the short- and long-term
dangers of constant exposure to the toxic cleaners that have been in
widespread use up until now.  Soap is a natural anti-bacterial germ fighter.  
Bugs of all kinds avoid areas upon which the solution has been applied,
indicating that it may form the basis for the first truly safe class of insecticides.


People and Pets are becoming chemically sensitive in epidemic proportions,
silently, daily, one toxic exposure at a time.  The most common reason people
become chemically sensitive is because of the daily, bit-by-bit accumulation of
toxins in the body.  Toxins are absorbed through the skin, inhaled in through
the lungs and ingested through the food we eat (most processed foods,
meats and produce have pesticides, fluoride, dioxins and other environmental
contaminants).  While we can’t control many of these chemical exposures, we
can control a major source:  common household cleaning products.  These
toxic products can be replaced by Essential Gold.  It is that simple.  Start
reducing your risk today by eliminating toxic products in your home.