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Some 4000-5000 years ago, ancient Chinese healers discovered channels of
energy (called meridians) that correspond to all the organs and tissues of the
body. These meridians were determined to end on the hands and feet.
Electro-Dermal Screening (also sometimes referred to as Meridian Stress
Assessment or MSA) measures your body's ability to conduct this meridian
energy through these end points and is able to determine ways to achieve
healthy energy balance.

Initially the functioning of all your major organs is assessed by doing a
complete scan of the meridians. Once we find a balanced meridian it is then
re-tested it in the presence of a stressor. If the stressor brings the point out of
balance it is determined that the patient has a sensitivity or allergy to it. This
is called "stress" or "sensitivity" testing. Finally we find a natural remedy which
brings these points back into balance and helps support your stressed or
weakened organ systems.

By using today's latest computer technology, EDS can "read" the levels of
your energy channels and then identify those things that are causing
weakness or stress in your body with amazing accuracy. It is based on what
your body's energy system is saying. No guess work is involved!

What Can Be Addressed With Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS)?
You encounter hundreds of different toxins everyday, some of which you may
be sensitive. When you're healthy, you can clean the toxins out quite easily
and have no symptoms. But when your system becomes overwhelmed
physically, chemically and emotionally, you can no longer clear them out and
you become "toxic". Here are just some of the signs of toxic overload which
can be addressed using Electro-Dermal Screening:
    •  Acne
    •  Allergies
    •  Difficulty concentrating
    •  Digestive problems
    •  Fatigue
    •  Fibromyalgia
    •  Frequent illness
    •  Headache
    •  Indigestion / Acid Reflux
    •  Irritability
    •  Joint pain
    •  Mental confusion or exhaustion
    •  Nausea
    •  Overweight

Frequently Asked Questions about Electro-Dermal Screening (EDS)

Q. How is EDS performed?
A. EDS is a non-invasive, painless procedure. It uses a pen-like device that is
touched to specific points on the hands and feet while a hand piece is held in
one hand to complete the circuit. The only thing that is felt during the
procedure is the pressure that is applied while the points are tested. The
initial visit can last up to 2 hours, with follow-up visits usually lasting 30-90
minutes. Each person's specific needs determine the number of visits
necessary to restore meridian balance. No needles! No blood work! No pain!

Q. Is it effective?
A. The National Institute of Health concluded: "In clinical practice, bio-
energetic medicine (EDS) offers the possibility of more economically effective
evaluations and non-invasive therapies for health problems, including those
infractible (violating of the body) or recalcitrant (non responsive) to
conventional treatments."        -- N.I.H. Panel Report-January 14th, 1993

Q. Is it safe?
A. Absolutely. There are less than 2.5 milivolts of current utilized by EDS. The
skin is not punctured and no body fluids are used in the evaluation. There is
no radiation, chemicals or other harmful agents used during the evaluation.

Q. Is it FDA approved?
A. The EDS is registered with the FDA as a galvanic skin resistance device
under guidelines governing medical testing devices.

Q. Can it be used on children?
A. Yes. If they are old enough to hold still for the evaluation it is done directly.
Otherwise, we do what is called "surrogate testing" through the parent.

Q. Can it be used on pets?
A. Yes. In addition to being a Certified Nutritional Counselor, Dr. Ziegler is
also a Veterinarian.  She has designed a method to use EDS to help solve
your pet’s health issues.